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We here at Paradise Fishing Lodge are acutely aware that there are other fishing lodges in our area.  We will never be in the business of “bad mouthing” our competitors or “slinging mud”.  We will even be fair and state that we are sure that they want you to catch fish and make their best attempt to do that – we know that we do that with EVERY charter.  But where we can boast and brag is that our fishing lodge stands truly in a league of its own.  NO CONTEST !!! – We sprawl out over twenty five ( 25 ) acres located up on the high grounds with 360 degrees of breathtaking views.  If seeing is believing, when you arrive at our lodge which really should be called a resort, you will instantly understand why the name “Paradise”.  Many people that have come to fish at our lodge come back with their entire family on vacation for the surroundings alone and forget the fishing!  But if you are here for the fishing you will be doing it in grand style and comfort with beautiful clean private air-conditioned cottages, large pool, swim up bar, huge hot tub, SPACIOUS grounds and the list goes on and on…

Below is an aerial video that a friend of ours took from a helicopter with a high tech – vibration free camera. A picture is worth a thousand words and you can now see why we named our sport fishing place Paradise Fishing Lodge. We soar high above the rest literally and in many other ways! While it does not compare with actually being here on the ground and taking in the sounds and smells ( not to mention the spectacular fishing ) and looking out in person and seeing our magnificent views, it will give you an idea.

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